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We specialise in treating all foot problems and are proud to have formed good relations with other health professions such as the Local General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Podiatric Surgical Teams.

These relationships allow for a collaborative solution to all foot health issues.

We deal with all NAIL CARE problems from not being able to reach the feet! To unsightly fungal infections.

We also treat painful CALLOUS, and remove CORNS so, from hobbling in to our practice you will skip out!

We treat verrucas using the very latest, most effective treatment available. This is known as Swift Emblation and uses microwave energy. Please feel free to visit the manufacturers website The resolution rate using real world data is 86%. The beauty of this treatment is that it takes less than 15 minutes. There is no downtime or anaesthesia involved and is suitable for most people. Please feel free to come for a more in depth chat about it.


This area of our profession specialises in treating foot and lower limb discomfort caused by a variety of reasons.

The more common conditions treated include:

Painful toe joints
hallux valgus deformity/ metatarsalagia

Pain around or in the heel
plantar fasciitis/ Achilles tendinitis/ bursitis/ posterior tendinitis

Pain in the lower leg
compartment syndrome/ shin splints/ patella femoral syndrome

Pain in the lower limb during childhood
severs disease/ os-good schlatters

The pain or discomfort can be eradicated by the use of specialist orthoses (insoles).

These are custom made following a full biomechanical assessment and casting of the foot.

In some cases a less functional insole is required and these can be prescribed immediately.

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

We use local anesthetic here in the total or partial removal of the nail if it has started to ingrow into the surrounding skin causing pain and inflammation.
Any minor operations carried out in the practice are followed up until complete healing has taken place and all the dressings you will need will be given.

High Risk Patients

There are several conditions which impact on the health of feet and it is very important that people with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis keep a close check on their feet. We recommend that all patients see a state registered Podiatrist on a regular basis so we can give foot care advice and note any changes over time. We will report back to your GP so continuity of care can take place.

Home Visits

We are very happy to attend our patient’s homes if it is difficult to get into the practice; we bring all the equipment with us